Wendy Townley

Wendy Townley

Wendy Townley


Nebraska native Wendy Townley has been writing personally since the third grade, professionally since 1997. Her first book, Nerdy Thirty, was published in 2010.

With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism and communication, respectively, from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, she serves as executive director of the Omaha Public Library Foundation. She also teaches part-time for the University of Nebraska at Omaha School of Communication.

Letters to Barley: Personal Stories My Dog Should Know was published earlier this year.

Community Breakout 3:

“The Power of Storytelling: Putting Voice to Personal Experience “

Join author and community volunteer Wendy Townley for a look into her storytelling experience through her most recent book Letters to Barley: Personal Stories My Dog Should Know. While sharing her experience with a spouse who struggled with addiction, Wendy will discuss her book and detail her creative process. She will also visit with keynote speaker Kent Bradley about the experience of writing Letters to Barley in an effort to help attendees give voice to their own stories.