Susan Morgan Bailey

Susan Morgan Bailey

Susan Morgan Bailey

Susan Morgan Bailey is a high-energy leader with more than 20 years of experience in health, benefits and education settings. In her role as Vice President, Culture & Wellbeing Practice Leader at Marsh & McLennan Agency, she calls upon her experience to help organizations build supportive cultures that empower individuals to live healthy, engaged lives. Prior to joining MMA, Susan consulted on and led wellbeing initiatives in a variety of settings from manufacturing to healthcare.  Susan is SHRM-SCP and SPHR certified with a BS in Education and a Min Health Promotion. Recognized for her passion and enthusiasm, she is on a mission to help others find their own high energy, good health and passion for life! 

Breakout 2:

Organizational Forestry 101: Nurturing culture to support employee thriving

If your organization was a forest – a diverse and healthy ecosystem that supported life and produced quality goods for consumption – your people would be the trees and culture would be everything that surrounds them and affects their ability to be productive and thrive.

Forests grow and develop slowly over time.  Cultures are also slow to evolve and high performance cultures do not happen on their own.  If left alone to evolve, cultures can become toxic for the employees and detrimental to the success of the organization. Understanding the influence of culture on success, organizations with high performance cultures embrace culture as a strategic business lever.

If you are ready to move beyond the narrow scope of tactical wellbeing toward broader organizational strategic thinking, this session is for you.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Describe a the role culture plays in employee wellbeing
  2. Explain how to align culture and wellbeing strategy to support the success of the organization and its people
  3. Develop an action plan for nurturing an employee supportive culture in your organization