Scott Sproull

Scott Sproull

Scott Sproull

Scott Sproull is an experienced executive leader, change agent and growth driver.  He is fascinated by the power of the mind and how our mindset can help us grow or hold us back from being our best and realizing our true potential.  His career and life have explored mindset in powerful ways, impacting his own thinking and his passion for helping others to optimize the way they think and in turn their growth and achievements.

Along his own learning journey, most recently, Scott was CEO and Partner with The Pacific Institute, a global consulting organization that specializes in “mindsetting” education and application as a catalyst for individual, team and organizational growth.  After the passing of founder and face of the organization Lou Tice, Scott lead the critical transition and evolution of the company, building on the tremendous four-decade-long legacy and developing the organization for the future.

Scott has a proven track record of building brands, teams, and business.  He has vast experience in leading sales, marketing, and business development across the spectrum of brand and organizational lifecycles in large and small organizations.  A key learning in all of this was the impact of our beliefs and the way we view ourselves and the world around us that drives our decisions and inherently impacts these critical business functions, and life itself.

During his 17 years with GlaxoSmithKline, Scott led the company’s largest brand, Paxil’s growth through several stages of its lifecycle and successfully led sales teams on a regional and national level, building a reputation as an engaging and inspirational leader.  Working in the mental health area gave Scott tremendous insights into the power of the mind.  In his leadership positions, Scott learned and leveraged his ability to address mindset to help unlock stuckness and drive engagement and performance.  Scott led a multi-faceted national initiative on better health management, working closely in government affairs, public policy and advocacy at the national, state and local levels.  Scott has also worked with a variety of small businesses in numerous sectors to help them develop, clarify and focus their growth plans.

The common denominator in Scott’s experience around the world is the importance to manage our mind rather than our mind managing us.  This is often easier said than done.  However, with awareness, knowledge and tools the power is in your hands and the outcomes can be profound.  This learning has informed and underscores Scott’s message around The Pattern Interrupt.

Morning Keynote

“The Pattern Interrupt: Managing Our Mind vs. Our Mind Managing Us”

In The Pattern Interrupt, I share my key learnings, “ah ha’s” and powerful insights that, when we know, we can take more deliberate charge of our thinking.   Why is that important you may ask?  I believe it is the most important control we have in our lives.

It is estimated we have approximately 50-70,000 thoughts per day.  These thousands of thoughts form our beliefs, anchoring them deep in our mind with both negative and positive impressions.  Many of our core beliefs get established when we are a child and solidified through our life experiences, however, we rarely realize how much those beliefs guide our view of ourselves, others and every decision in our lives. Often those beliefs have come about from someone’s opinion – and that opinion became a truth or fact for us – whether true, accurate or not.  And wow, it’s amazing the impact this has on our lives.

In this fast-paced world of change, technology advances and social media, our beliefs and thoughts get challenged constantly, often driving up stress, frustrations and divisions among us.

Whether with one of our children, our significant other, mother or father, a colleague or someone we are meeting for the first time, being mindful of the influence of our beliefs and exercising The Pattern Interrupt can help us make the most of our relationships, experiences and our lives.

I have learned the power of managing my thinking from my own life experiences and first-hand from high performance athletes, service men and woman, first responders, business leaders, cancer survivors, youth and those I have met around the world who have overcome significant illnesses or challenges in life.

To exercise The Pattern Interrupt doesn’t take money, significant time nor is it hard to do.  With the knowledge we are ready – then it is up to us to do it.  Sometimes the simplest things that we can control can have the most profound impact on our wellbeing, success and happiness in life!