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Kelsey McNamara, MPH

Kelsey McNamara is a public health professional with experience in workplace wellness, behavioral interventions, and obesity-related chronic diseases. As the Clinical Strategy Manager at Omada Health, Kelsey analyzes evidence and outcomes to reveal how Omada provides value to customers and partners. Prior to joining Omada, Kelsey worked at Google where she led health behavior interventions for Google employees and spent time conducting research at the Harvard Center for Work, Health, and Wellbeing.

Matt Dunn

Matt Dunn has been with Omada for over 3 years. As the Senior Director of Sales for Omada in the Upper Midwest, his role is to support enterprise sales opportunities while partnering closely with those who are looking to support digital healthcare strategies.  Based out of Minneapolis, Matt has been in healthcare for over 20 years – spanning back to his days serving in the Air Force while also working for two large national health plans both domestically and internationally.  During his free time, he likes to play tennis and stay active while being with his family and friends. The most recent book Matt read was “Together” by Dr. Vivek Murthy (highly recommended). Matt’s ideal vacation is heading out to Whistler/Blackcomb and skiing from sun up to sun down.

His favorite way to show generosity is to do it when nobody’s looking or least expecting it – a note of gratitude or a compliment.

Breakout 1

“Bringing Human Connection to Digital Care”

As we hurtle towards a near future where digital care will be more prevalent than any of us imagined, the manner in which we design and deliver these solutions is critical. Above all, the technology must be used in service of elevating the expertise, experience, and empathy of a real, live, human provider of care, and keep the needs of the patient at the center. Learn about Omada’s approach to digital care – grounded in clinical evidence and meaningful relationships with care providers. We help people prevent and manage some of the most costly conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety, and musculoskeletal pain. At Omada, we’ve defined digital care as the elegantly-designed integration of relevant technology, clinical expertise, and human empathy to drive a desired, and sustainable, health outcome.