Dr. Kent Bradley

Dr. Kent Bradley

Dr. Kent Bradley


Kent Bradley, MD, MPH, MBA is passionate about activating change and challenging individuals and organizations to tap into their leadership potential. He has held senior executive roles in the public and private sector. He is the former President of Safeway Health, a health technology solution and service provider supporting total worker health strategies for large commercial clients. He also served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Safeway, a company with 44 billion dollars in annual revenue and 185,000 employees.

He is the founder and principal advisor for BTN Advisors. He is the founder and executive director of Core Communities. He is the former Daniels Fellow for Leadership in Health and Wellbeing at the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver.

He serves as the Chairman of the Nutrition Advisory Board at Herbalife Nutrition, Board of Stewardship Trustees for CommonSpirit Health, Board of Directors of Concentra Health, and involved in several community health and wellbeing efforts. He has worked with multiple health technology companies as a strategic advisor with a special focus on consumer engagement.

Kent is a retired Army Colonel, graduate of the United States Military Academy and has a Master in Public Health from the University of Minnesota, an executive MBA from the University of Denver, and his Medical Degree from the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD. He is board certified in Public Health and Preventive Medicine. He has a certificate in Corporate Governance from INSEAD.

Opening Keynote:

“Seeds of Health”

Kent will be sharing the power of story to cultivate health by exploring through personal story telling several critical “seeds” that consistently bear fruit at both the individual and community level. The seeds result in enhanced self-efficacy which is a critical enabler of change and when combined with purpose leads to persistence (resilience).

Community Breakout 3:

“The Power of Storytelling: Putting Voice to Personal Experience “

Join author and community volunteer Wendy Townley for a look into her storytelling experience through her most recent book Letters to Barley: Personal Stories My Dog Should Know. While sharing her experience with a spouse who struggled with addiction, Wendy will discuss her book and detail her creative process. She will also visit with keynote speaker Kent Bradley about the experience of writing Letters to Barley in an effort to help attendees give voice to their own stories.

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