Annamarie Mann

Annamarie Mann

Annamarie Mann

Annamarie Mann is a workplace and human development leader and consultant out of Omaha, Nebraska. For over 20 years, Annamarie has focused on the human side of work: how we engage, motivate, develop, and prepare people for the work they do and the world we live in.   

Before becoming an independent consultant in 2018Annamarie spent eight years at Gallup as a management consultant and as their Global Employee Engagement, Wellbeing, and Workplace Practice Manager. There, she partnered with social scientists, global clients, cross-functional leaders, and senior consultants to develop strategies, insights, and education addressing human needs at work.  She now directly partners with individuals, teams, and organizations to create the conditions necessary for people to thrive, leaders to lead, and organizations to succeed in the face of continuous change.  

Annamarie appreciates how the complexity of today requires collective, holistic solutions. In response, she uses an interdisciplinary approach when coaching, facilitating, and consulting.  She also collaborates with others who are challenging and advancing the way we work and live.    

On a personal note, Annamarie has two active sons, a husband in the Air Force, and a paraplegic dog who was named Omaha Herald’s 2017 Pet of the Year.     

CliftonStrengths Top Ten 

Relator | Maximizer | Learner | Strategic | Achiever | Connectedness | Futuristic | Ideation | Self-Assurance | Arranger 

Breakout 2

“Identities in Transition: Accessing Our Possible Selves”

Disruption. VUCA. Permanent Whitewater. Stress. Change. COVID.  In a time when we are being faced with shifts in how we live and work, our identities are being stretched and challenged.  What motivated us yesterday, may not motivate us today.  Behaviors that worked for years, may feel limiting today.  The tension between who we’ve been in the past and who we need to be now can feel disorienting.  Yet, this same tension can lead to new horizons of growth, development, and wellbeing. In this breakout session, Annmarie Mann will explore:

  • How identities are created and reinforced both internally and externally
  • The impact and potential of transition and change on our identities
  • Personal and organizational strategies for redefining who we are and who we can be