Some of the benefits of gratitude to your health and mindset:

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“How Gratitude Benefits Your Brain”

“Is There Someone You Need to Thank?”

“Notice the Good in Your Life”

“Happy Again: How to Notice What You’re Thankful For”

“Who Would You Be Without Them?”

“What if You Had Never Met?”

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Free Living with Gratitude course

Encouraging gratitude at work can foster an environment of appreciation and boost loyalty, enthusiasm, productivity, and satisfaction, as well as improve work relationships.

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Additional Resources:

Five Ways to Cultivate Gratitude at Work

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Deepen your child’s understanding of gratitude by breaking it down into parts and raising their awareness of those parts. These questions help kids connect the gifts they receive to the positive feelings they feel, and increase understanding of ways to express what the experience meant to them.

Find the full resource in the “Gratitude Questions for Kids” exercise here.

“Notice the Good in Your Life”

“A Lesson in Thanks and Vulnerability”

“Happy Again: How to Notice What You’re Thankful For”

“Helping Kids Think About the Good”

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